Alterations in the Context of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce 17 July 2022

In consequence of the amendments made in the Law No. 6563 ("Law") with the Law No. 7416 on the Amendment of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, published in the Official Gazette dated 7 July 2022 and numbered 31889, numerous new legal regulations have been envisaged on issues such as the obligations of electronic commerce intermediary service providers ("Intermediary Service Providers") and electronic commerce service providers ("Service Providers"), the administrative fines foreseen in case of violation of these obligations, the electronic commerce license and the expansion of the powers of the Ministry of Commerce ("Ministry") in this area. In this article, the contents of the provisions of the relevant Law will be cited and the date of entry into force will be explained as a consequence of the new regulations envisaged.

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