Egemenoğlu works in many branches of law with the right strategy and fast action service policy also by keeping the client satisfaction at the highest level.

Egemenoğlu provide legal support to individuals and companies mainly in the areas of Commercial Law and Contracts, Transportation and Legal Services particular to Logistics Sector, Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Finance Contracts, Foreign Direct Investment and Project Development, Banking and Finance Law, Employment Law and Dispute Resolution, Debt Collection and Arbitration with its experts and consultants in his/her field.

Egemenoğlu which stands out with its wide experience in the sectors subject to legislation; shares its broad legal experience and knowledge with its clients concerning sectors of telecommunication, energy, environmental, food and insurance, sectors that require the implementation of global auditing procedures such as transportation, energy, and financial services. Egemenoğlu provides legal services to its clients with its physical prevalence, strong communication and know-how in different areas of law.