E-Application" Period In Capital Markets Board Applications 07 April 2024

With its announcement dated 5 February 2024, the Capital Markets Board ("Board") announced to the public that capital market institutions, organisations and partnerships will be able to make their applications more quickly and effectively through the e-Application System.

Now, pursuant to the Board's Resolution dated 28/03/2024 and numbered 18/470, as of 15.04.2024, the applications that will be made to the Board by issuers, institutions and organisations which subject to MERSIS and falling within the scope of duty of the Partnerships Financing Department shall be made electronically through the e-Application System.

Also, in case of compelling circumstances arising from the situations as fire, natural disasters, state of war, terrorist incidents, other developments that may significantly affect the continuation of the activities, unavoidable technical failures in the general network connection, failure of the information processing systems of the parties to be notified due to reasons that cannot be attributed to them and such situations that listed in subparagraph (m) of Article 3 of the Communique on Public Disclosure Platform numbered VII-128.6 or in case the officials of the applicant company, institution or organisation do not have an electronic signature, such applications may also be made physically with wet signature. But, in any case, the officials of the companies, institutions and organisations who wish to make an application are obliged to obtain an electronic signature and to inform the Board that they have obtained an electronic signature before the application is finalised.

Matters to take be considered of in e-Application Processes:

  1. First Step (identity control):e-Application service will be accessed through e-Government (e-Devlet) platform by identity verification.
  2. Second Step (authorisation control): The authorisation control of the company is made via MERSIS. The company/ies that the user, who wants to submit an application, is authorised to submit an application will be listed automatically and the company to be submitted will be selected and the application will be proceeded by selecting the company.
  3. Final Step (e-signature):Signing with an electronic signature is required at the final stage of the application through the e-Application system. If the application document needs to be signed by more than one person or party, the pdf version of the document, signed by all interested parties with e-signature or the scanned wet-signed version of the document must be submitted to the system.
  4. Review Step: Changes in the information and documents to be requested during the examination phase will be notified to the applicant by e-mail (to the e-mail address in the relevant persons section of the application).  The requests of the Board will be able to be seen, the messages will be able to be sent and the new requested document will be able to be submitted via the e-Application system.
  5. Status Tracking: The status of the application can be followed through the e-Application system.

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