Will "Obligation To Obtain And Submit A Surveyor's Report'' To Be Introduced In Real Estate Sales? 05 December 2022

On 25 October 2022, the "Presidential Annual Program for 2023" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program") prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Presidency of Strategy and Budget with the Presidential Decree No. 6294 was announced in the Official Gazette repeating No. 31994.

In the Program, detailed explanations and plans are presented under different headings such as the current situation and developments regarding the world and national economy, projected investments, inflation expectations, developments and targets in public finance and economic policies.

Under the heading of fiscal policy, the objectives are stated and it is reported that the program aims to continue efforts to strengthen the budget structure; to review expenditure activities in order to increase efficiency in resource allocation and create fiscal space; to spread the tax base, increase voluntary compliance, combat informality and improve taxpayer services by observing the principles of fairness, predictability and transparency in taxation.

Detailed explanations were also made under the heading of policies and measures to be taken within the scope of the above-mentioned objectives, and with the policy number 264, it is stated that "In order to strengthen the financial structures of local governments, their own revenues will be increased.".

In this context, taxation on land registry transactions was put on the agenda and the measures to be taken were determined.

Measure 264.2 of the Program is stated as follows:

"Web Land Registry Application" aims to ensure that the value and attribute data affecting the value of the valuation reports created by the "Web Land Registry Application" and the valuation reports prepared by the valuation institutions authorized by the CMB and BRSA and the valuation experts holding valuation licenses and the taxes obtained from purchase-sale and similar transactions are sent electronically to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Value Information Center.

In the light of these explanations; it is understood that in the real estate sales to be made in 2023, it is aimed to make fees and similar calculations by processing the appraisal reports regarding the real estates subject to sale into the system in order to increase the tax revenues included in the income items of public institutions and organizations and to prevent tax loss.

Although there are no clear explanations regarding the date and procedure for the transition to the system within the scope of the Program published with the relevant decision, it is seen that the system planned to be established is at the project stage. The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has been designated to work in coordination with other relevant organizations for the establishment of the intended system.

For 2023, we would like to inform you that we will follow the legislative developments about the system planned to be implemented and will continue to inform you about the developments.


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