Mergers And Acqusitions / Projects

Egemenoğlu Law Firm, which is expanding its working network day by day, provides legal consultancy services to its clients at every stage of the merger and acquisition processes of national and global companies operating in various industries including complex and significant M&A transactions.

Our M & A / Projects team has the scale and the experience to advise the clients on alternative solutions which are applicable for the commercial needs of its clients, which are operating in various industries, in a wide variety of areas such as mergers, acquisitions and spin-off, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our team assists in share transfer transactions including minority share transfers, asset transfers, due diligence, and transactions for obtaining administrative permits and approval processes, restructuring and organizing of companies, and project finance. Our advice helps to fulfill the needs of the clients in line with the capital market law, and our M&A/ Projects team provides legal assistance to its clients in the public offering and secondary public offering processes.